May 7, 2013

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Medical Fundraising Ideas

Medical Fundraising Ideas

Update: CauseWish has closed. Please use fundraising site who also handle personal medical fundraising pages and offer one-to-one support. But read this post beforehand so that you create the best campaign possible!


Do you need medical fundraising ideas so you can cover the cost of medical expenses or help a loved one facing a medical challenge? We at CauseWish provide fundraising pages so you can fundraise online for medical bills and expenses.


With just a few clicks you can create your fundraiser and share it with family and friends via email and social media. There are many different ideas that are easy to implement and that will help you raise the money you need. Here are some of the best:



Simple Appeal:

This is appropriate for very sensitive appeals and it’s where you simply explain your cause knowing that friends and family will donate no matter what because it’s so critical. To make this type of people as engaging as possible, be sure to use plenty of photos that really personalize the appeal and bring meaning to the fundraiser. If able, add a short video recording. Here you could talk about the fundraiser itself or you could show the viewer what you hope to achieve with the money.


Remember to update your fundraiser regularly with new photos and keep your backers up-to-date with any news. Take the time to thank your backers and get involved with those that leave comments on your fundraiser page. It really generates a good community feel about your appeal.




Rewarded Appeal:

Fundraising Idea- RewardsThis is where you get the chance to give a little back. When you set up your fundraiser, you can offer donors the opportunity of a reward in exchange for a donation. For example, if someone donates $10 you promise to reward them with a badge saying ‘I helped save someone’s life today’; $25 could mean you will send a badge and a personal thank you note; $50 could be a badge, a thank you note and a personalized thank you T- shirt.


The choice of rewards could be endless and they don’t have to be costly. What matters is that you put your thought into it.



Challenge Appeal:

challengeThis is an opportunity to really challenge yourself. You could tell your donors that you intend to run a marathon dressed as a nurse, cycle 200 miles completely wrapped in bandages, climb a mountain or do something else that really pushes the boundaries.


A previous fundraiser even challenged herself to study and sit exams that her child was taking while suffering from a serious medical condition. There really is no limit, as long as it gets those donations coming in!



Challenge Target Appeal:

Fundraising TargetBe brave! Throw down the gauntlet and tell your donors that if you raise $1000 (or raise it by a certain date) you will shave your hair or beard off; if you raise $2000 you will have your chest waxed; if you raise $3000… you get the idea.


You could really go to town here and make it relevant to your fundraiser. This example is popular when a family member or friend is suffering from hair loss through chemotherapy.



Event Appeal:

Event FundraisingAre you a great host? If so, organize an event.


Here you really can get several bites of the cherry. Choose an event – so perhaps a fun-run, a product sale at home, a dress-down-at-work day, a monster ball at Halloween, or simply choose a theme that reflects your fundraiser.


For example,  if you are hosting a dinner to raise money  for a neonatal unit you could say entry is only allowed to those wearing a pink dummy – this will help remind people why they are there and those who forget can simply pay extra to get in. Not only would you have donations from ticket sales, you can make even more of the evening by selling raffle tickets, hosting an auction, organizing competitions and so on.


For any event, try approaching businesses to donate services, venues, raffle prizes (even in exchange for advertising their company). Sometimes the most generous donations come from the most unexpected places. You may find the business is not able to assist with providing services, but as a sweetener will still donate to your cause.


Fundraising Medical Expenses


By defining what type of appeal suits you best, you’ll maximize the money you raise.


Medical fundraising is a serious topic and it’s usually unfortunate circumstances that have bought you here. As a result, it’s easy to see why people can sometimes feel that arranging a silly activity or wild challenge may seem distasteful or disrespectful – but fundraising not only raises much needed funding, it also raises awareness. Sometimes approaching someone differently reaches them in a way conventional fundraising doesn’t.


Any professional fundraiser will tell you that fundraising is all about doing something new – something that grabs attention.


Expect fundraising to be hard work at times, but overall it should be fun, challenging and above all immensely rewarding.


Are you ready to start your online fundraiser? Lets go!




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