May 2, 2013

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How to Fundraise Online for Medical Expenses

How to Fundraise Online for Medical Expenses

Update: CauseWish has now closed. Please use GoGetFunding where you can create an even better medical fundraising website. But read this post beforehand to so that you create the best campaign possible!


Even with the most comprehensive of insurance policies, or the highest quality public health service, there are so many other financial factors to consider when you or a loved one is taken ill. And these factors can often lead to medical costs that are simply too much to bear.


The most common medical costs that can quickly rack up are the loss of income and costs of care:


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Loss of income


When a loved one is taken ill, their loss of income can have catastrophic consequences. Shelter, the UK homeless charity states thousands of people in the UK are just one pay-check away from becoming homeless. The cost of not being able to work, in order to care for them can be equally devastating



Costs of Care


Expenses for the carer or caregiver can mount up from the moment the patient is admitted to hospital with simple things such as car parking fees, travel and hotel costs. Add extra therapies, specialist transport, food and equipment and the costs can go up considerably.



With the above to consider, it is no wonder that fundraising for medical expenses is now becoming an integral part of the duties of caring for someone.


Online fundraising is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to do this due to the secure nature of donating, the networks that can be reached online, and the speed and ease of setting up a great, professional looking fundraiser page.

Fundraising Medical Expenses


At CauseWish we recognize how important this is for our fundraisers and we’re humbled that our website is able to help so many people during difficult times.



We know that if you’ve come to us, you really need our help. And because of this, we want to ensure you have the best tools available to set up, manage and promote your online fundraising campaign.


So how does it work?


You just need to click here and that will take you through the easy 4 step page creation process. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: This involves adding some basic information about your fundraiser – such as how much you hope to raise, what currency you would like to use and how long the fundraiser will last.



Step 2: This is where you would tell everyone the background to your appeal and why it is so important. You can also offer some great rewards to thank your donors.



Step 3:  In step 3 you really personalize your appeal by adding photos and a video (optional). You can also link it to your social media and web sites.



Step 4:  The final step is to simply add your PayPal details so that any donations you receive go directly to your PayPal account. You can then effortlessly withdraw the funds into your bank account.



Once you’ve created your fundraiser, you will see that it has a URL (unique link). By sharing this link with those you hope will donate to your cause, you have just started fundraising! By using social media, family, friends and colleagues can quickly share your link with their social circle increasing your chance of even more donations.


But that’s not all!


Our site also gives you the chance to really connect with your donors. You can update them with messages of thanks and any news snippets that may help them see how their donations are helping. Your donors will also be encouraged to leave messages of support for you when donating.


Your fundraising page will show a tally bar that lets everyone see how well your fundraiser is doing and the timer adds that sense of urgency. You can even track visitors and social shares via the ‘Progress’ tab on your page. In addition, your personal dashboard has an array of tools to help you manage and promote your campaign.


And remember, we’re always here to help you with any queries you have to make the fundraising process as easy as possible.






How can you take your fundraising to the next level?


Starting Up:


There are a number of things you can do to get that all-important momentum started. Firstly, you need to recognize that you don’t have to do this alone. Having a select group of close friends and family members will improve the chance of that momentum gathering and the donations coming in.


You could divide responsibilities to reflect what each team member has a particular flair for. For example, if someone has good computer skills, they could be in charge of setting up your fundraising page and posting on social networks. If someone has a bubbly personality, they could approach the local radio station or newspaper. If someone has great organizational skills, get them to organize an event. It’s all about working to your strengths and it will really help if you have a strong group of people supporting the fundraising campaign.


Leading by Example:


Everyone needs a little encouragement once in a while and even more so when it comes to donating! Many fundraisers will make the first donation just to get the ball rolling. It doesn’t have to be a huge donation, but should be adequate enough for others to want to donate similar amounts. If you really can’t afford to donate to the cause, here’s a great strategy:


Donate, for example, one donation of $100 or five donations of $20 (you have the option to donate as a ‘guest’).  If you need that money back in your account quickly, simply withdraw it from your PayPal account to your bank account straight away. It will still show as a deposit in your tally bar and will encourage others to donate too.


Some people don’t want to be the first to donate for fear that they haven’t been generous enough while no one wants to be the only person that hasn’t donated.



Sharing Is Caring:


An important thing to remember is that online fundraising works on the principle of crowdfunding. This means it’s important to share your fundraising page with those you know who then donate and share the link with their networks too. This can exponentially increase donations to great causes!


Email and social media are the fastest way to do this and it can sometimes lead to a fundraising page going viral across the web, resulting in many more donations from strangers that have stumbled across your page.


There are also plenty of other ways to fundraise, that don’t include using the Internet too.


As well as your online promotion you should also take your campaign offline. For example, if you’re raising money for a sick child, consider approaching toy shops and children’s play centers asking if you can put a poster up that shows the link to your fundraising page. Organize sponsored walks, where flyers containing your link is distributed along the route. Be bold – approach businesses, local radio and newspapers. They love to find a good cause to back, and can be very receptive to helping you.


Ending your Campaign:


You’ve worked really hard, and the donations are coming in. You’re close to reaching your target but need to give it one last push. This is the time to circulate one last message or mail shot to thank everyone. Tell them that the fundraiser is closing in a few days, and anything no matter how small that could help you reach that target would be appreciated. You may be surprised how many people will choose to donate or even prompt their own network to lend a helping hand.



Further help:


Sometimes, despite the generosity of loved ones, you may still need help to cover medical expenses. There are many different sources of social aid and benefits available to those who qualify, so we always encourage our fundraisers to also seek help from organizations specifically designed to assist in providing access to funds that you may already be entitled to.


In America help can be sought through the Social Security Administration. Should you reside in Canada, help and information can be sought through the Canada Benefits website. If you are a UK resident the government website will also help.



Need to raise money now?






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